Facts and key data

Foundation 2002
Accounting principles HGB
Financial year 01.10.-30.09.
Executive board Gerd Goetz, Matthias Hocke
Business field The core product - the TradeBase MX
System - is successfully used by major
clients and partners, including ABN AMRO
Clearing Bank, HSBC and UniCredit. With
3,000 installations and millions of
orders processed per day, TradeBase
MX has proven to be a highly reliable,
state-of-the-art trading system.
Share ISIN: DE000A0LA304, Symbol: TBX

Financial figures business year 2015/2016

Net Sales 4,776 thousand EUR
Operating and other expenses 2,990 thousand EUR
Income before taxes 1,888 thousand EUR
Net income 1,274 thousand EUR
Equity capital 2,473 thousand EUR
Number of shares 1006500
Dividend EUR 1.26