One system to monitor all

The e-Trading Compliance Monitor (ECM) is the primary connection point to connect any third-party order flow to the ECM. With its API and its built-in logic unit it normalizes the incoming order flow and delivers a complete picture of all trading activities over all your systems.

Multi-faceted ways of communication

tick-TS provides several formats (CSV, XML, custom formats) and communication layers (MQ, TCP) to connect to third-party systems and exchange drop copies (XETRA, EUREX, Euronext and more) to the ECM as well as an interface to connect to your own TradeBase MX platform.

There is no technical limit to the number of gateways that can be connected to the ECM engine. Therefore the ECM is the only application you need to monitor your complete order flow.

  • Like assembling building blocks Working with TradeBase MX is like assembling building-blocks. Whatever the task, a solution is within reach.
  • Easy integration A vast archive of solutions can be integrated easily – according to your business strategy and your current tasks.
  • Flexible architecture The systems architecture allows connections between many hardware platforms and a multitude of different operating systems.