Oracle Java 8 – End of free support for commercial users

With start of February, Oracle will stop to publish updates for its Java 8 branch for commercial users. This has an effect on all business customers using our TradeBase MX Frontend with Oracle Java 8.

For several months, tick-TS is working on a new strategy to improve your user experience regarding updates. With this note, we want to inform you about our short-, mid- and long-term solution.


For the short-term solution, we want to ask you to either stay on your current Java 8 version or get in touch with Oracle to apply for a business license (Java SE Subscription). The following link has more information for you. (External Link, you are leaving the tick-TS servers by clicking)


Mid-term, in Q2/2019 tick-TS will deprecate the JNLP option of its TradeBase MX Client and switch to an installer-based version of TradeBase MX Client. The installer will be bundled with the latest version of our product and an open source version of Java.


JNLP-Support will be dropped and fully replaced by the installer-based version of TradeBase MX Client.


If you have any questions regarding the end of public updates of Java SE 8 and our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

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