TradeBase MX Core System:
The central part of the TradeBase MX Platform

The central unit of the TradeBase MX Platform controls message routing, manages user access rights, distributes market data and connects all trading interfaces.

Efficiency and quality in order transmission:

  • Transaction and
    message normalisation
    Regardless of your order entry solution, all orders will be normalized into one consistent format and stored into a central database. Every order entered into the system, via any entry solution, can be analysed in real time in the TradeBase MX Frontend and – if the user has the required right to do so – changed.
  • Risk checks Every order placed can be pre-checked by the proven tick-TS risk system to prevent the order from entering a market in the first place (Pre-Trade Risk Check). In addition, every order placed can be evaluated in a post-trade check to warn a trader or supervisor that a position threshold might be breached in the near future. Trading can be limited to certain markets or asset classes on user base.
  • Transmission to markets and brokers Every order that has been successfully processed by the TBMX Risk System can be routed to connected markets and brokers. The possibilities for combinations are endless.

Wide-Ranging and Synchronised Order Transmission

TradeBase MX FIX Engine

FIX has long been recognised as the industry standard for trading and backoffice. With tick-TS’ acclaimed TBMX FIX Engine, a customer can connect its already existing trading applications to the TBMX Core Platform or adapt the Engine to connect to various markets and brokers with little to no effort. Already adapted and in daily use are: HSBC Germany, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank, UniCredit Germany, Citibank, XETRA, Eurex, Börse Wien, Euronext Cash and multiple others.

  • Broker connection The TradeBase MX Platform can be used to connect to a large number of brokers and prime brokers. Those include: HSBC, ABN AMRO Clearing, CitiBank, UniCredit, BNP and others.
  • Market connection Besides the possibility to connect via a broker connection there is a large number of interfaces available to directly connect to markets with your own market membership. Those include: XETRA, XETRA 2, Eurex, Euronext, LSE and many others.
  • Like assembling building blocks Working with TradeBase MX is like assembling building blocks. Whatever the task a solution is within reach.
  • Easy integration A vast archive of solutions can be integrated easily – according to your business strategy and your current tasks. And you don’t need to touch your running system.
  • Flexible architecture The systems architecture allows connections between many hardware platforms and a multitude of different operating systems.