Multi-asset and multi-venue trading with one solution: TradeBase MX

Perfect trading setup

The TradeBase MX Frontend has proven to be a state of the art tool for more than a decade and billions of transactions. With its upcoming update, the TradeBase MX Frontend will jump to version 3.10 with a new feature set and more ways for customers to find their perfect trading setup.

Features include:

  • Dedicated trading views Dedicated trading views for assets like stocks, options, foreign exchange, futures and market making.
  • Order entry Order Entry from almost every point of the system.
  • Advanced event system An advanced event system to keep the trader informed of events at every point of his daily work.
  • Real time Advanced market information system to be up to date in real time. Real time P&L calculations.
  • Hot key Hot key and click trading capabilities.
  • Styles & filter Advanced style and filter options for each view.
  • Storage Cloud-like storage of frontend settings on a central server, so a login from any PC is a login into your familiar setup.
  • Multi-platform Multi-platform availability (Windows, Linux, OSX).
  • Easy deployment Easy deployment of updates via Java web start.
  • Market Making Manually quote instruments on XETRA and Börse Wien.